Free Resources, Menu Plans, and a BONUS!

Thank you for reading Conquering Your Kitchen! If you haven’t left a review of the book yet, we’d love to have you do that here – it helps others know if the book is right for them and what they can expect when they buy it. As promised, here are printable versions of all the charts and menu plans from the book so you can print them off and use them as needed. Some people are putting them on their fridge or menu plan binders to help them remember things like conversions and produce storage. Feel free to print as many of these charts as needed and share with your friends.

Menu Plans and Shopping Lists

Blank Menu Planning Chart

Week One Menu Plan

Week Two Menu Plan

Shopping List

BONUS! Not in the book – a Third Week’s Menu Plan!

Extra Resources

Where to Store Produce

Kitchen Measurement Conversions

Oatmeal Preparation Chart

Salad Bar Mix and Match Chart

Dirty vs Clean Produce Chart (updated for 2014)